Carlisle Management Inc.

Syndicated Property Investment Group

Carlisle Management Inc. is a multi family residential real estate investment company managed by a proven and knowledgeable professional team with direct industry experience of 15 years and over 30 combined years of indirect experience.

Our company philosophy is to bring together small investors to form a larger group which then has adequate financial power to be able to purchase an entire apartment building.

This enables the small investor to be part of a major project which has the ability to increase in value many times more than if the funds were invested in individual units, and thereby providing the investor with a smaller risk exposure than they would have otherwise.

Bill Henderson

is a Partner in Carlisle Management Inc. Bill is responsible for setting programs to maintain the physical appearance of the properties and instituting any renovation plans that may be required. Bill's credentials include:

- Twenty years experience in property management.

- 25 years experience as a general contractor in the construction industry. This is a valuable asset when assessing potential buildings.

- The ability to maintain the integrity of buildings and to be able to negotiate with trades as needed for their upkeep or renovations.

- Has owned rental properties of his own for 15 years before being involved in Carlisle Management Inc.

- Has developed a very efficient style of building management to ensure that vacancies are minimized, rents are maximized and expenses are reasonable.

Robert Kollen

is a Partner in Carlisle Management Inc. Robert is responsible for finding and acquiring the buildings. Robert's experience includes:

- A licensed realtor with 15 years of commercial building acquisition experience. Graduated from SFU with a degree in Urban Planning and Economics and specialized in market analysis.

- Worked with CMHC for 2 years as a market analyst.

- Very experienced in the area of financing buildings and has established many valuable relationships with prominent lending institutions to ensure that we receive the best possible mortgage rates and the maximum loan amount available.

- Has an excellent track record for selecting projects that have resulted in outstanding returns for the investors.

How we do things?

- We look for appropriate properties, basing our decisions on many factors including the location of the property, economic outlook of the community, growth of the region, employment opportunities and residential vacancy factors.

- We undertake several site visits to evaluate and confirm our understanding of the above assumptions. Inquiries are made with city hall, suppliers and local trades people who have done work on the building etc. If we are satisfied with everything so far we now proceed to the next step.

- At this point Carlisle will put an offer in to purchase the building. The offer is subject to such conditions as passing a satisfactory final inspection, obtaining suitable financing commitments and obtaining acceptable reports from environmental and building appraisal studies. Carlisle will use its own funds to achieve these ends. Carlisle will be reimbursed for these costs if the project proceeds to syndication.

- Once we have achieved all of the requirements as listed, we then offer the project to a qualified list of people who have expressed interest in investing in our projects.

- After the building has been purchased we then manage the property to increase itís value over time and when the appropriate time arrives the investment is sold at a pre-determined profit level. The direction of how we plan to increase value is described for each project before syndication.